Availability list of instruments

Recently Completed

The following instruments are currently available:

Violin - Peter Guarneri of Venice model. This is a similar style to a recently commissioned violin that was very successful, but this time Adele has used slightly less dense wood for the front.

Violin - Peter Guarneri of Venice. Another example of this excellent model.

Strad model violin - Adele's first Strad model in a long time. This violin is now completed and available for trial.

Viola, 16 inch - Adele has a smaller viola currently available to try at her Blackheath workshop. This instrument is based on the outline of our usual model, the Andrea Guarneri (Conte Vitale) of 1676. However, Alan has scaled it down to a body length of exactly 16 inches using the methods of Francois Denis as outlined in his landmark book, Traite de Lutherie.

Viola, 16 3/8 inch - This is Adele's standard, and very popular viola model based on the Andrea Guarneri (Conte Vitale) of 1676. It is available for trial at her Blackheath workshop.

On the workbench

Strad model cello - Adele has been making Montagnana model cellos for quite a while and they have proved very successful. However, she has an absolutely stunning piece of maple that is too narrow for a Montagnana, but would be perfect for a Strad model. So this is her next project...

Please contact Adele to find out more about any of these instruments.