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Fruit Machines

A few decades before, when gamblers used to visit land-based casinos, there were fruit machines. This is the earliest form of slot machine, where you have to pull the lever to start the game. There was also a display with different symbols. The main goal is to combine 3 of the same picture in the center of the screen. The feeling of adrenaline and the desire for big winnings encourage players to spin the reel again and again. People since ancient times love to gamble, and this will never be changed. Today, thanks to progress, it is possible to play your favorite online slots at home! With the invention of the Internet, the casino got their online version. This is much more convenient and allows players to relax after a hard day’s work. Now you shouldn’t leave your home and go somewhere to play. All you have to do is to open your personal computer or mobile gadget and write the name of the online casino in the search bar.

Kinds of Fruit Machines

Kinds of Fruit

Generally, there are two different kinds of fruit machines: basic and advanced. Let us start by saying about the first one. Obviously, it is a bit older version which is similar to the classic slots machines. It has only three reels and simple combinations. Moreover, there are only two pay lines that mean that your chances of winning are less. However, this is the best choice for newbies who have never played any kind of pokie game before.

What about the second type, surely, this is more modern and has 5 reels. It includes a wide variety of in-game bonuses which make your game more exciting and profitable! The presence of 5 reels means that there are more winning combinations and the jackpot is bigger as well! Furthermore, the quality of animations and sounds is really on the next level in comparison with basic fruit machines. Now, players can enjoy beautiful music and just dive into the gambling atmosphere.

Differences in the way fruit machines operate

Some people mistakenly believe that online slots and fruit machines are exactly the same things. Compared to each other, they are completely different, but they perform the same function. In addition, there are several differences that you should be aware of:

  1. features. In fact, features in online slots play an important role, which also attracts a huge number of players. Every online slot has a set of in-game bonus games that you can trigger by collecting wild symbols. They can double or even triple your deposit! They also commonly have options such as Hold and Nudge. The Hold option allows you to hold the reel in place while the others spin, while the Nudge option allows you to move the reel up or down and change its position with another reel. Fruit machines, for example, can’t boast such features.
  2. The difference in payouts. It is no secret that fruit machines offer smaller payouts than slots. Due to the fact that each bet has its own limit, the winnings can’t be as big as in slots.

The Basics of Fruit Machines


The basics of Fruit machines are quite easy to understand. Everything you need is to combine three similar symbols in one line! The amount of prize depends on the symbols which you will get. For example, traditionally, sevens bring the highest win (jackpot in other words). Symbols of grape are usually bringing less and so on.

How to Play Fruit Machines?

The Basics of Fruit Machines

If you are really interested in the rules of fruit machines, this article is for you. Imagine that you are staying in front of the fruit machine, what you should do next? Put a coin into the slot and tap on the big red button. You will see how the symbols are turning over one by one. After a few seconds, they will stop. If there are three similar symbols in one line – congratulations, you win! Now, you are ready to withdraw 2x or 3x of your bet!

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